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Podcast jest nagrywany w języku angielskim.

Spędź kilka chwil ze mną a ja postaram się przekazać Ci mnóstwo energii i zarazić moją pasją do tego języka. Każdy podcast będzie miał swój transkrypt, który pomoże wytropić dowolne słówko i zwrot.

Transkrypt znajdziecie na naszej stronie

My podcast is recorded in English. Spend some time with me and I will try and share with you loads of energy and passion for this language. Each podcast will have its transcript which will help you trace any word or phrase. The transcript can be found at


Odcinki od najnowszych:

WE 027 - Prepositions in English
2020-04-01 21:28:48

In, on, maybe at? Which shall I use? This is the question. Prepositions are usually a problem for most learners. This podcast will help you learn and understand the difference between Polish and English. There is a pattern that makes it so much easier to acquire the subject and use prepositions without making mistakes.

WE 026 - Accents, dialects and Peaky Blinders
2020-02-05 22:28:52

Does it ever happen to you that you listen to English and it sounds weird to you? It may just be an accent you have never heard before. Some English speaking viewers have to watch the Peaky Blinders series with subtitles. Check out the much controversy there is about accents in English.

WE 025 - Job interview - part 2
2020-02-05 22:28:41

A continuation of a well-received podcast on a job interview. Get ready for the recruitment process with questions and answers that will help you impress recruiters and get your dream job.

WE 024 - English structure
2019-12-16 22:59:27

Does it ever happen to you that you keep learning English and the effect is not satisfying? Do you have a feeling that although you know grammar and different expressions, you are still unable to build proper sentences? Are you a speaker of the so-called Ponglish? If so, listen to this episode of the WE podcast and find out about the structural differences between Polish and English.

WE 023 - American English in my podcast - Ken Ramirez interview
2019-11-20 00:36:25

A truly unique episode featuring a special guest Ken Ramirez. This time in the WE podcast you are presented with a record of a meeting with a renowned behaviorist and animal trainer. You will have a chance to listen to an engaging conversation as well as catch up on a different variety of the language such as American English.

WE 022 - False friends
2019-10-20 19:47:15

The subject of false friends is something that gives learners of English many sleepless nights. This episode of the WE podcast comes to the rescue. Listen to the story covering a list of false friends which you will never confuse again.

WE 021 - Images
2019-10-04 21:25:45

We are surrounded by images in the modern world. In a way we live in a picture reality. They are present in newspapers, in social media, on the Internet and on TV. They are omnipresent. Check what inspiration lies behind this episode and how illustrations can influence the world of children. Learn some new vocab as well.

WE 020 - Household chores
2019-07-26 22:36:27

Description of your everyday life is a crucial thing in English. With this recording you are invited to listen to a set of phrases essential in presenting your household duties. There are also some extras connected with feeding small babies. Check if the BLW method is for you.

WE 019 - Holidaying in English
2019-07-02 21:29:02

Has it ever happened to you that you went on your dream holiday abroad and couldn’t say a word, which ruined the whole experience? In the latest episode of the World of English podcast you will find the most useful phrases in English that can save your foreign trip this year.

WE 018 - Common problems in English
2019-06-27 23:53:09

Many people think that they will never be able learn and speak English. They have tried a number of times, finally they have given up. In this episode you will find out that the problems you are struggling with are very common, that many students face them and that luckily there is a solution to them.

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