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Decibel is a relatively new project based on a club events, music podcast series and video sets. It all initiated with two fans of electronic music, Babiński & Lord who in the last couple of years have participated in organising many techno music parties in Krakow. The fascination of their favourite artists, observing them up close during showcases as well as personal performances on the other side of the decks resulted that early 2018 they started the Decibel project where you can hear DJ's presenting music that is close to their hearts. ___________________ phot. Helena Majewska www.helenamajewska.com


Odcinki od najnowszych:

dB Podcast 036 - 4\4
2020-06-29 01:00:02

This podcast is a djset from 4\4 recorded live during our livestream session. | Bio | Zapla (aka 4\4) - polish DJ from Kraków, which is trying to draw up handfuls of the best of the species between minimal and techno. | Info | bit.ly/2Kd5nKI bit.ly/2ysTI3I bit.ly/2KjEPpR @4backslash4

dB Podcast 035 - Capo
2020-06-12 00:30:00

This podcast is a dj set from Capo, recorded live during our livestream session from STK47 Warehouse in Kraków. Enjoy! | Bio | DJ, promoter, member of Mødule collective. Couple years of playing and collecting vinyl records has had a great impact on his mixing skills and his remarkable selection. He played at the legendary Tresor in Berlin and also in best clubs in Poland. Within the Mødule event series, he hosted parties with artist such as: Zadig, UVB, Henning Baer, Pearl or Setaoc Mass. Club savage with no fear of any dancefloor. | Info | http://bit.ly/2yZDIWX https://bit.ly/3dGclUQ https://bit.ly/3h8wXau @capopl

dB Podcast 034 - Libront
2020-05-18 01:00:13

This podcast is a vinyl only set from Libront recorded live during our livestream session. | Bio | Libront is a Kraków-based DJ, producer and promoter. Resident of the Krakow STK 47 - Warehouse. He’s best known for running NIC night, famous for it’s heavy sound of industrial techno. Recently, he has been exploring dub and deep techno varieties in the Deep Impact Krakow family. | Info | bit.ly/2yxRfFa @libront

dB Podcast 033 - Spajder Jeruzalem
2020-04-20 01:00:13

This podcast is live set from Spajder Jeruzalem recorded during our livestream session. | Bio | DJ and promoter, mother of Wyroby Technopodobne curator of the podcast series under the same title. Initiative, joker, trickster and vinyl digger. Following the name of the clubnight he curates ("Wyroby Technopodobne" mean "techno(ish) goods"), he comes up with a florid blend of various 4x4 incarnations. The unique taste, exquisite mood and beautiful melodies are the trademark of Spajder. Proponent of long mixes and gentle transitions. He believes that a good set should be an interesting manifesto, full of content. (via @polishtechnology) | Info | bit.ly/2OysTWx bit.ly/2ZtdQym @spajder-jeruzalem @wyroby-technopodobne

dB Podcast 032 - Olga Er
2020-03-16 01:00:05

This podcast is a djset from Olga Er recorded live during our livestream session. | Bio | She regularly plays in Krakow clubs at events organized by: Deep Impact, Techno-like Products or Vultur. I can safely say that her music selection looks quite impeccable. At the end of May, you could hear Olga's tale at a cyclical mermaid party in the walls of the Sopot club Sfinks700, where not one person surprised. As it says, "The most important for me is playing at events that can change reality better. So far, I've had such an opportunity several times, one of them was the Techno for Amazonia event I organized (after this year's fires). I hope that in I will be able to combine music with activism in the future. "- we keep our fingers crossed! (via https://soundcloud.com/wake_rave) | Info | http://bit.ly/2WacCtg http://bit.ly/2TJNXtR http://bit.ly/2W5wOfL https://soundcloud.com/olga_er

dB Podcast 031 - Szmer
2020-02-17 01:00:00

This podcast is a cut from Szmer dj set recorded live during our "Decibel w. Szmer x Święta Krowa" party. Enjoy! | Bio | Szmer is an alias of Michał Aleksiewicz. He has been active in techno world since 2011 and since that time he took part in many events in both Poland and Worldwide (including Tresor and Suicide Circus in Berlin). He published many records under three aliases on the span of many years. Artists which inspire him are Planetary Assault Systems, Blue Hour, Jeroen Search, Zadig or Sterac aka Steve Rachmad. His tracks have been recently played by: Insolate, Emmanuel, Benjamin Damage, Dax J, Abstract Division or Developer. He used to be a part of The Effaith duo and member of Mødule collective till 2018. | Info | http://bit.ly/2NXlRbk http://bit.ly/3aFclDq http://bit.ly/30LLqRO http://bit.ly/2NXm1PY https://soundcloud.com/szmerpl

dB Podcast 030 - Vertical Spectrum
2020-02-10 01:00:10

This is exclusive dj set from Vertical Spectrum recorded for our podcast series! | Bio | Vertical Spectrum project was brought to live by enigmatic figure with almost two decades of experience into a techno scene and few different alter egos in a past. Now fully focused on bringing the best out of his years of experience and materialized some of his latest ideas, which already become a part some of the most renovated labels in the industry such a Pole Group,Tsunami or Nachtstrom Schallplatten to name few. Nevertheless always looking to increase and expand his potential, and the upcoming releases are on about to confirm this growing tendencies. | Info | http://bit.ly/2O69s4D http://bit.ly/2RCPEYW https://soundcloud.com/vertical-spectrum

dB Podcast 029 - Foton
2020-02-03 01:00:20

This podcast is a djset from Foton recorded live during our livestream session. | Info | http://bit.ly/2RmBTNW http://bit.ly/37lJwtr https://soundcloud.com/darek-ozimi-ski

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