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Introduction to my Jen Dobry Podcast. Find about me, Jen. And my podcast, Jen Dobry. The podcast for those who want to learn to speak American English like a native speaker!

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Hope You're Content With the Content
2020-04-28 22:12:16

Content...Content - those are two different words, believe me! It is all in the syllable stress, my dear listener! Listen and learn about how syllable stress changes the meaning for two-syllable words that are spelled the same!

The Missing Link
2020-02-26 20:13:31

Linking. In spoken English, native speakers link words together. Meaning the words are connected...TheWordsAreConnected. In this episode called "The Missing Link," we teach you how to link words so you sound like a native speaker. Listen to Jen, a teacher with over 15 years of experience from New York give lots of examples of linking. Don'tcha wanna?? :)

TOEFL Speaking Test Tips!
2020-02-04 19:22:52

The TOEFL test speaking section..Yikes! If you have taken it and need a better score or plan to take it--then THIS episode is for you! Highly qualified host Jen is a former official rater for the TOEFL speaking section and adjunct university professor of TOEFL. Listen to her online interview call with the widely popular online TOEFL coach John Healy. Both give loads of useful tips so you get a great score! And, there's even an independent speaking question done on the spot as a sample for you!

2020-01-21 13:48:19

We are "TICKLED PINK" you would like to listen! :) That is just one idiom that you will learn in this "Idioms" episode of the Jen Dobry Podcast. We talk to people out on the streets of Warsaw Poland and give them the Idiom Challenge. Listen to Jen and Gerrit interview folks and then have a dialogue using those same idioms. Great for intermediate-advanced English language learners! Improve your listening and speaking skills with native English speaking improvement expert Jen!

2020-01-09 23:54:04

Poetry, pronunciation and plenty of vocabulary on this Alliteration episode of Jen Dobry! Hear examples of how alliteration grabs and keeps people’s attention. Public speaking, media, marketing and writing can all be enhanced with alliteration. Enjoy! New episodes will be aired about every two weeks but is subject to change; the next Jen Dobry episode will air by the 25th of January. That episode takes us to the streets of Warsaw, Poland for interviews with an Idiom Challenge!

The Th Sound - Jen Dobry
2019-12-28 20:24:08

Practice listening to the pronunciation of TH consonants: unvoiced TH [θ] and voiced TH [ð] in English! Difficult for many non-native speakers. Listen to lots of examples of words with TH, including fun tongue twisters you can repeat plus helpful vocabulary words.

Jen Dobry_Introduction
2019-12-17 22:42:59

Welcome to my Jen Dobry podcast! The podcast for those who would like to speak like a native speaker of English! Find out about my podcast and about me, Jen!

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