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In today's episode our guest is Beejel Parmar. Beejel has been advising entrepreneurs since 2009 on topics such as: effective planning, increasing their effectiveness, productivity and outsourcing to virtual assistants. He coached, consulted, trained, thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world…   Beejel believes entrepreneurs can learn a lot about business management and hgh performance from bees, his chosen spirit animal!    In today's episode: learn Beejel's story, why did he have to leave the US? Why is Beejel fascinated by bees and what can we learn from them? Why are entrepreneurs so overwhelmed and how can they deal with it? What is the educational program created by Beejel to help children and their parents?   Free Gift for you: simple smart 2-page focus, process and project planner and outsourcing process guide: https://BeelinePlanner.com Visit our website for more: https://zyciebezgruchy.pl/

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