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Are you thinking of starting your career in one of agile roles: scrum master, product owner, agile leader or agile coach? If yes, today I have four steps how to do that pivot and create your career in an agile company.

Table of content:
Career cration and management
Step 1: start with reading, listening and watching
Step 2: find the agile community
Step 3: look at your current position and craft it into agile
Step 4: think of either changing position or going to a certified training

The transcript of the episode you will find here: https://dziubawisniewska.pl/how-to-create-your-career-in-agile-environment/

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Self-leadership and agile teams

Welcome to Self-leadership and agile teams podcast! On weekly basis we’ll focus on 3 main aspects: self-leadership and becoming a leader of others, agile mindset in business and personal life and agile and high-performance teams

I’m Asia Dziuba, coach, agile coach and host of this podcast. I have been working with and leading teams, projects and initiatives in international corporations, smaller companies and NGOs. In this podcast I will be sharing with you tips, insights and methods rolated to self-leadership, agile and team building.

This podcast is for everyone who works or would like to work in an agile environment and all of you interested creating your career path and making it happen.


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