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In this episode, Karolina is having a conversation with Lynne, who quit being a lawyer and became a yoga teacher. To me, personally, this is an exceptionally inspiring conversation, and my favourite quote is this one:

"When you're making this kind of change, something in you IS dying, so there's going to be sadness, there's going to be grief there. So be with that grief, console yourself, and after you've processed it, you can allow anything else to flourish; something will be reborn."

You will hear more about the grief, death and re-birth aspects of change, and how acknowledging that sadness is a normal part of the process, gives you the strength to keep going, to pursue your dream. 

In addition, Karolina and Lynne talk about:

  • why Lynne became a lawyer in the first place
  • validation, expectations, prestige & financial independence
  • how Lynne got into yoga and how it helped her
  • trip to Bali and the eye opening moment
  • projecting own judgement on people around
  • looking for people's approval vs. not being receptive to approval / reassurance
  • inner doubts and the external support system
  • the importance of looking for reassurance in the "right" places
  • Lynne's cacao experience
  • how she feels now having her own yoga studio and teaching yoga on a daily basis

If you'd like to try practicing yoga with Lynne, you can reach out to her via her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HoneyBeeYogaCyprus

or, directly via phone: +357 96 996131 or email honeybeeyogabuzz@gmail.com

As always, we encourage you to to reach out to us, too, with any comments or questions, and, we hope you enjoy listening to this episode! :)

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