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Today I'm talking with a restoration architect and heritage specialist based in the Netherlands - Karianne Vandenbroucke. She is a board member at the Erfgoed Academie (Heritage Academy) and had been teaching Heritage & Design at TU Delft. She is an associate architect at Rijnboutt in Amsterdam.

We talk about heritage and adaptive reuse. What is it and why does it matter? Is the terminology in the heritage world important? How do designers judge the values in architecture? What is the difference in approach between western and eastern world?

What are the rules of transformation of the building? How much can we destroy? What kind of interventions can we consider and what makes it a successful architectural interference? How much objectivism and subjectivism is in the process of adaptive reuse? Are we too preventive or too protective? How young can the monument be?

This is a great conversation in which Karianne introduces us to a broad and fascinating world of heritage. We can also take a look into her personal story of a restoration architect and the tranformation that inspired her at the first place - Fort Napoleon in Ostend, Belgium. We talk about a broad perspective on heritage, at the same time we focus on local aspects and Dutch approach towards heritage and transformation.

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