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Can you believe it? Me neither. I spoke with Daniel Libeskind - Polish-American architect, artist and set designer. He is known for his ability to evoke cultural memories in buildings. Following the 20th anniversary of 9/11 attacks in New York City and a recently unveiled Dutch Holocaust Memorial of Names in Amsterdam, we focus on perception of time in architecture. Why is memory important? How does architecture function as a medium for remembrance? What are the architectural tools and how to use them? How to materialise sadness? How to make the absence visible? And how to keep the optimism?

Lots of crucial and meaningful thoughts and a very broad, eye-opening conversation. Daniel Libeskind says that architecture is a storytelling profession and that a building always tells you a story. Well, I hope this episode will help you to hear at least one more story that our cities tell.

Klaudia Lachcik

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