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Alice Roegholt is the founder and now emeritus director of Het Schip Museum in Amsterdam and a curator of many exhibitions connected to the Amsterdam School movement and its representatives.

The Amsterdam School is one of the most fascinating movements in Dutch architecture. It's one of the most expressive, imaginative and unique styles that originated in the beginning of the XX century. It is recognized for its rich ornamentation including an expressive use of colours and materials. Buildings worth mentioning are: Het Scheepvaarthuis, Het Schip, De Dageraad, Het Sieraad and Piet Kramer's bridges.

Michel de Klerk is an undisputed leader of the Amsterdam School. His career began at Eduard Cuypers' office, where together with Piet Kramer and Jo van der Mey laid the foundation for the Amsterdam School.

  • Is the Amsterdam School a school, style or a movement?
  • What is the story behind founding the Het Schip Museum?
  • What makes the Amsterdam School architecture so expressive and imaginative?
  • What circumstances made it possible to design such rich housing for the working class?
  • How is the versatility of Michel de Klerk's work reflected in architecture?
  • What can we learn from this movement today?

Do you want to know more? Check here:

What is the Amsterdam School?: ⁠https://www.hetschip.nl/en/the-amsterdam-school⁠

Exhibition about Michel de Klerk: https://www.hetschip.nl/en/exhibition/michel-de-klerk-exhibition⁠

More about the Amsterdam School + the catalogue of cool buildings in Amsterdam: ⁠https://grandeflanerie.com/portfolio/amsterdamschool/⁠

Book Architect and Artist Michel de Klerk. Inspirer of the Amsterdam School : ⁠https://www.hetschip.nl/webshop/boeken/michel-de-klerk-inspirer⁠

Book A work of art in brick : ⁠https://www.naibooksellers.nl/architecture/a-work-of-art-in-brick-significance-and-restoration-of-het-schip-amsterdam-an-icon-of-social-housing-and-architecture-1919-1921.html?___store=english&___from_store=default⁠

The magazine for architecture and design of the Amsterdam School: ⁠https://amsterdamse-school.nl/en/about-wendingen⁠ Get inspired by the Amsterdamse School, it's addictive!

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