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Today I talk with the co-founder of the czech-slovak studio Chybik+Kristof based in Prague, Brno and Bratislava. My interviewee is Ondrej Chybik and we talk about the role and challenges of the architect nowadays.

How did the collaboration of two office founders start? Were they always friends or were there times of rivalry? How does Ondrej understand the evolution of the architect profession? How do they get the first commission as a new designer in the wild market of talented and experienced architects? What's the story behind their first completion?

But mainly we talk about the role of the architect. Who is this mysterious person? What features does the architect need? Is the influence of architects rising or decreasing? Why should architects build less? Is it even legal to say it?! We talk about the transformation and demolition as one of the most important and challenging topic in architecture. 

Ladies and gentlemen, dear listeners, enjoy the episode!

Klaudia Lachcik

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