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Today I speak with Deirdre Mask - a writer, lawyer, sometimes academic. Her book "The Address Book" describes the complex stories behind the names and numbers of the roads that we live on. Deirdre describes the influence of the address and the positive and negative consequences that it can bring.

I believe most of us have never considered that such a tiny, common detail can tell us so much about the place, people, politics, history. Most of us have never considered that a home address really matters. Time to talk about it!

  • How many people in the world don't have addresses?
  • How can street addresses lift people out of poverty and transform the slums?
  • How can street addresses help to stop an epidemic?
  • What are the benefits and disadvantages of having an address?
  • Would we perceive the space differently if we wouldn't have street names?
  • Are there places where the address is for sale?

Street names are about identity, wealth, and race. But most of all they are about power—the power to name, the power to shape history, the power to decide who counts, who doesn’t, and why.

Deirdre Mask: www.deirdremask.com

Ksiazka Adresy: https://www.znak.com.pl/ksiazka/adresy-co-mowia-nam-o-tozsamosci-statusie-i-wladzy-mask-deirdre-216305


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