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Ric Sims is passionate about ToK and its role in shaping critical awareness in today's world. He has a long history of involvement with ToK having taught the subject for nearly three decades and through his long association with the IB as a senior examiner, workshop leader, and curriculum and course designer including the new ToK course and various digital courses.  Alongside ToK, he has taught Mathematics, Economics, and Philosophy in the IBDP at a number of schools in Europe. He is a lifelong learner and is finishing his PhD in Philosophy of Science/Mind/Cognitive Science at the University of Exeter in extended cognitive systems. Ric is a co-author with Julian Kitching and Sue Bastian of a brand new edition of 'Theory of Knowledge' for the new ToK programme in the Pearson Baccalaureate series which was published in summer 2020 and is one of the leading texts for the subject. When he is not teaching or writing, he can be found composing electroacoustic music, or playing keyboards in the jazz-fusion band Some Funk Junk.

We are going to talk about:

  • the new TOK curriculum and approaches to teaching it
  • the role of teachers in education today and tomorrow
  • the skills that are the most important for both teachers and students


Wholesome by Kevin MacLeod (CC-BY 4.0)

A Harpsicord Dream sound by zerolagtime (CC-BY 3.0)

Podcast Copyright: Katarzyna Kijek-Kubejko & Barbara Ostrowska

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