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For long time I was unsure if I should even talk about religion, because how delicate is this topic. The recent release of new Smarzowski's film which started an interesting social debate about Catholic Church made me feel this is the moment to speak up.

In this episode I teach you a lot of vocabulary about Christianity, Catholicism and some about Islam. You will also get to know:

- Why Poland is Catholic not Ortodox like its eastern neighbours
- Why I failed some confessions in the church
- What I think about ornaments in churches
- What I like about Islam

This episode is not objective. Everything what I say in it is based on my personal views so I hope you won't treat is as a general Polish opinion or you won't find it in any way offensive. It is not my purpose.

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Episode in which I speak about biblical expressions: https://www.polskidaily.eu/wyrazenia-z-biblii/

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