EN/PL CIARKI is a project started by two Poles (Faultlines and Proxy), music nerds living in the Scottish capital. A series of podcasts are at the core of this collaboration, containing special guest mixes recorded by Polish and international artists, where a wide range of bass driven club tools are being showcased. We wish to spread these fresh vibes to our motherland and beyond, by presenting new releases, artists and labels. CIARKI are goosebumps, emotions cumulated in digital sounds that we are broadcasting on this platform. CIARKI to projekt założony przez dwóch muzycznych zapaleńców, Faultlines + Proxy, którzy chcą się podzielić zbieraniną ciekawych piosenek wychodzących na Wyspach Brytyjskich i nie tylko, z ludźmi którzy są głodni nowych basowych brzmień. Rdzeniem projektu będą regularnie ukazujące się podcasty zawierające dużą dawkę muzycznych świeżynek, gościnnych miksów jak i dawki nostalgii w postaci zapomnianych klubowych bangerów.


Odcinki od najnowszych:

2021-05-07 18:15:18

CIARKI 042 TRACKLIST: Letta ft. Yehaiyahan - Nothing Left For Me [Carousel Seoul] Ollie Rant & Takjacob - Wheel And Kick Up [ec2a] TVB - Concentrate [Forthcoming U Know Me] Ell Murphy x Stones Taro - Hours [Time Is Now] Pépé Elle - Sink [[re]sources] Kaval - Four Flute Tunes [Self Release] DJ Polo x Tribal Brothers - Bullet Rice [Livity Sound] ZuT Zut - Noche En Itaewon [Carousel Seoul] Cassius Select - Scrooge [Raw Basics] Rhyval - Hassle [Off Beat] DJ Alex M - Social Hallucination (Bok Bok Remix) [Percussion Functions] Blackdown - This Journey VIP [Keysound] Borai - Caterpillar [excess] Yosh - Drifted [Time Is Now] PPalace - Kaith [Forthcoming Planetaria Soundsystem] Konrad Wehrmeister - TR10 [Illian Tape] Low End Activist ft. Razor - Get Dark (Silas Remix)[Forthcoming SSC] Coco Bryce - I Will Never Turn Away (FFF Remix) [Kniteforce Records] Wager - Vector [Scuffed Recordings] Amy Dabbs - Second Thoughts [Lobster Theremin] Dead Man's Chest - 2 The People [Western Lore] SPECIAL GUEST TRACKLIST GUILTEE: FILM - Codename Unknown [Bare Recordings] 8Ball - I Need You [Corrupt Data] Coco Bryce - The Mad One [PRSPCT Recordings] Dust-E-1 - 4 The Thorough [Collect-Call] Benncart - That Heartcore Shit [Polish Juke] Mani Festo - Toxic Waste [SweetBox] DJ FUCKS HIMSELF - Brudi Tool [Clan Destine Records] MD20 - Midnight Air [Vinyl Fanatiks] Response & Tim Reaper - For The Headstrong [Future Retro] Sicknote & Justice - Neon Fizz [Seagrave] M27 - Dub Tree [Floppy Disk] Local Group - Rampage [Ritual Poison] Denham Audio & Mani Festo - So Good [Cheeky Music Group] Yorobi & Tim Reaper - Rhodiola (Dead Man's Chest Remix) [Parallax Recordings] Kalli - Song For THEM [THEM] Amen Holmes - Vibes Once Again [Ruff Cutz] Dubsknit & PZG - Empty Memory [WE ROB RAVE] Pete Cannon - Back At It [Kniteforce] Harmony - Mayhem [Deep Jungle Records] Angel D'Lite - Aquatic Riddim [Super Drama Records] Thugwidow - Kindrid Spirits On The Dancefloor [Club Glow] Kreggo - The Return Of The Tekno Acid Beat [art-aud] Worldwide Epidemic - Untitled [Vivid Recordings] Necrotype - Zellandine [Mettasonic] Borai - The Deaner [Higher Level Recs] Digital - Get Yours [Fresh 86] Boca & Porgus - Watching The World Go By [Four Jacks] Coco Bryce - I Will Never Turn Away (FFF Remix) [Kniteforce Records] Darkside Science Recordings - The Hidden Path [Darkside Science Records] Necrotype - Feelings Are Real [Forthcoming Diamond Life] Omni Trio - London Step [Moving Shadow] Robert Brylewski - Water Fire [Tone Industria] CIARKI LINKS: http://CIARKI.COM GUILTEE LINKS:

2021-04-23 16:04:32

CIARKI 041 TRACKLIST: John FM - Forever [XL Recordings] Anz - Unravel In The Designated Zone [OTMI] Mistareez - Realistic Goals [Pressure Dome] Delay Grounds - Ball Run [Forthcoming Tropopause Records] Omaar - Drum Temple [NAAFI] Kamus - Kult [Céad] Endless Mow - Spellcasters [All Centre] Tristan Arp - Circling The Abyss [Forthcoming Banoffee Pies] Bakongo - Level Cowbell [Trule] Ikonika - What Kinda Pain Are We Talking About? (Ikonika VIP) [Don't Be Afraid] Beneath - A Shrill Manner [Forthcoming Hemlock Recordings] Flore - Congos (LCY Remix) [Forthcoming POLAAR] Farsight - Tied Hands [Forthcoming Scuffed Recordings] Lakewest - Ignore What I Just Did [Forthcoming LW] LCY - Shhh [SZNS7N] Modeselektor - Komm feat. Blixa Bargeld [Monkeytown Records] Manao - De Vuelta [Kontra Imprint] Eomac - All The Rabbits In The Tiergarten [Planet Mu] Krotone - Have You [Of Paradise] Grace - Baby [excess] KETTAMA - SKi MASK [G-Town Records] Keene Angst - The Edge ft. Christel Well [Forthcoming Self Release] Raas Kemp - Amazonia [MODIFIEDMAGIC] SW2 ft Moses Boyd & Emmanuel Folorunso - Dirty South (Sully Remix) [Forthcoming GD4YA] Sun People - To Give [Exit Records] Sir Hiss - Na Di Mi Na [No More Mailouts] LINKS: HTTP://CIARKI.COM

2021-04-09 18:51:39

CIARKI 040 TRACKLIST: Lawrence Hart - The Sun Sets On The Eastern Bloc (Ryan Winters Remix) [Ssem Records] Wilfy D - Midnight Shift [Time Is Now] Herb LF - I Know About [Practical Rhythms] Toof - Flvz [DimSumRecords] On1 & Soundboy Cookie - Killin' Everybody [Self Release] Jubley - Angry Waves [Gather] NKC x Nabalayo - Mwizi I [Even The Strong] BS1 - Work It 4 Me [Merge Layers] Sam Interface - Shadow [Future Bounce] Joe Koshin - Inside [Buried Records] Guava & Breaka - The Dolphins Are Back In Venice [Forthcoming Control Freak Recordings] Arma - N38 [Self Release] Rhyval - Footcell [Forthcoming Off Beat] Proc Fiskal - Baguettes [Hyperdub] Panteros666 - Time To Come With Us [CONFESSION] WE ROB RAVE - Stabbington (Berlin) {Hidden Track} [Self Release] Ocean Stirs - Interscape [Dansu Discs] CJ - Hold Your Own [Bogoture] Duburban - All Massive [3AM Eternal] DJ Swagger - Noseblunt [Nerang Recordings] Rico Casazza & CPSL - Slow January (Bolam's Momentum Remix) [Dionysian Mysteries] SPECIAL GUEST TRACKLIST PEAKY BEATS: Highrise - Livin [Unreleased] Wilfy D - What Difference Does It Make [Vitamin D] Perception - Endz [Unreleased] B0n - What’s That [BEEYOU Records] Pinder - Gd For Me [Subtle Records] Peaky & Pinder - Up North [Peaky Beats Records] Highrise - Find The Way [FLATTRAX] ?????? - ?????? Jared Jackson - Show And Tell [FLATTRAX] Skins - 24-Hour Dub (Highrise Remix) [Spin City Leeds] Eliza Rose & Peaky Beats - Free Your Mind [Peaky Beats Records] SMTS ft. Killa P - Blocked [Time Is Now] ???? - ????? B0n - & me 2 [BEEYOU Records] Peaky Beats - 2001 [Peaky Beats Records] Vel Bootleg - No Letting Go [Unreleased] CIARKI LINKS: PEAKY BEATS LINKS:

2021-03-26 20:01:46

CIARKI 039 TRACKLIST: Two Shell - Soft Core [Livity Sound] Otus - Anla (Original Version) [Forthcoming Dream Diary] Bop - Beach Simulator 3D [Hospital Records] Baltra - 2050 Spice [96 & Forever Records] Overmono - Pieces of 8 [XL Recordings] Young Muscle - Beat Up By The Drum [Scuffed Recordings] Ravn Jonassen - Fatima (Radioactive Man Remix) [Burial Soil] Nookie - Kaeya (Rage Mix) [Metalheadz] HausGeist - Lavender Was Next [Southpoint] Bambounou - [Bambe] Agt Rave Cru - Zombie 303 [Balkan Vinyl] Black Girl / White Girl - Golden Axe [System Records] Loraine James - Simple Stuff [Hyperdub] Penera - Bimmer From The Moon [Unreleased] Holoe - Inhaler [Potop] X Club - 6 Million Ways To Die [Steel City Dance Discs] Prozak - Make Me Feel [Time Is Now] Wayward - All A Bit Mad [Silver Bear Recordings] Jamaszka FT - Tajemnicza Statuetka [Dom Trojga] Ourman - Windy [White Peach Records] Sicaria Sound - Lour [Self Release] SpekralSound - Metal Tears [Manuka Records] Yoofee - Seek & Move [Albion Collective] Goth-Trad - Apes [Deep Medi Musik] Somah ft. Zahra O'Shea - Deep Sea Dreaming [Natural Selectas Records] Katuchat - Memento [Roche Musique] CIARKI LINKS: https://CIARKI.COM DUNGEON BEATS LINKS:

2021-03-12 19:03:09

CIARKI 038 TRACKLIST: Borai - Need U [Forthcoming Club Glow] Planetary Secrets - Burning Fist (Breaka Remix) [Forthcoming Loose Fit Records] Juzlo - Drumplay (Spooky Bizzle Remix) [Project Allout Records] Ovid - Cold Snap (Original Mix) [INDEXLIFE] Desert Sound Colony - Two Rums Please [Holding Hands] Escape Earth - Dropping With The Force [Ritual Poison] Drumheller - Kayfabe [Future Bounce] Kaval - Firing Devices [Club Djembe] DJ Spielberg - Carregada Calibrada [No She Doesn't] James Shinra - Isolate [Self Release] Janka - Hajs Dub [U Know Me] Reece Cox - Emotion 1 (Call Super Remix) [Kulør] Paradox - Octa4 [Sneaker Social Club] Chavinski - Weight Of The World [Myor] 99 Nissan Patrol - Ruffla [Extra Spicy] Oton - Weligama [Alliance Club] Trudge - Night Shift [Lobster Theremin] Stones Taro - Mint [Lost City Archives] DJ Sports - The Sourcecode [Trick] Eusebeia - True [Western Lore] Konx-om-Pax - Spring Hurry [Display Copy] Asquith - Back To Danny's (Ripped CD Mix) [Asquith Records] Deft & Lewis James - Octo [Forthcoming B4 Music] SPECIAL GUEST MIX AVTOMAT: Lolina - The River [Self Release] Juice Menace - No Speaking (Tommy Kid UKG Edit) [Self Release] Ida Dillan - Scorpion Kick (Paul Marmota Remix) [Extasis Records] Wraetlic - Idioms (Deena Abdelwahed Remix) [Huntleys + Palmers] VTSS - Goin' Nuts (feat. LSDXOXO) [VEYL] 33EMYBW - Golem (Zutzut Remix) [SVBKVLT] Moa Pillar & Ушко - Volvo [ПИР] Moa Pillar & Ушко - Volvo VIP [ПИР] Miss Jay - Vocal Experimentation (Merca Bae Remix) [Ashida Park] Oneothrix Point Never - I Bite Thru It (Emma Lee Fuckup) [Self Release] Ida Dillan - Persona Non Grata [JEROME] Emika - She Beats [Ninja Tune] ISNT - upcoming Miss Jay - 140 BPM - Homance or Bromance [Self Release] Yelle - Moteur Action (SOPHIE & A. G. Cook Remix) [Kemosabe] Zora Jones - Low Orbit Ion Cannon [Fractal Fantasy] Siksa - Proste Hasło [Self Release] LYZZA - Rifle [Houndstooth] S Ruston - Gallop (Against the Anthropocene) [suspension] Lolina - The River [Self Release] CIARKI LINKS: http://CIARKI.COM AVTOMAT LINKS:

2021-02-26 16:50:00

CIARKI 037 TRACKLIST: Max Jones - 1989 [Calypso Records] Duke Hugh - Got My 606 Back [Dance Regular] DJ Windows 7 - House Music Till'Death [Dusty Editions] Jozef K - Play [True Romance Records] Marco Dassi - Morning Frequency [MIURA Records] DJ Crisps x Ell Murphy - Arms Around [Time Is Now] ZeroFG - The Reason [TXTBK] Easy Up George - Wicked [INSTINCT] Highrise - For Real [Vibesey] Skin On Skin - Shawty On Some BS {Self Release] Enayet - Bhir (Cassius Select Enemy Remix) [SLINK] Denham Audio & Coco Bryce - Single Minded People [Cheeky Music Group] S3a - 3 (& CDJ Friendly Extended Beats) [Community Center] Nicola Cruz - Barretto (Tienes Algo) [Rhythm Section International] Confluence - Virtual World [Avoidant Records] Shawn Cartier x Dufraine - I'm Tippin [childsplay] Fiesta Soundsystem - Foundation [Scuffed Recordings] FJAAK - To The Peak ft. Elli Acula (Steffi Remix) [SPANDAU20] Yazzus - Sleazy [Forthcoming Steel City Dance Discs] Drumskull - Battle Stations (Benny ILL Remix) [Seagrave] Jacques Greene x Cadence Weapon - Senna [eOne Music] CIARKI LINKS: http://CIARKI.COM AN AVRIN LINKS:

2021-02-12 15:54:26

CIARKI 036 TRACKLIST: Oklou - god's chariots (Basile3 Lost Club Mix) [Self Release] ANSZA - 539 [ec2a] Adam Pits - Gazza [Haŵs] DJ Swagger x DJ ÆDIDIAS - Don't Call Me [Time Is Now] El-B - Killa Sound ft. Juiceman [Self Release] Bawrut ft. Chico Blanco - Triangulo De Amor Bizarro (Beigean’s Amore De Noche Dub) [Ransome Note] AART - Motorola SHUBBZR [Self Release] Anna Morgan - I Don't Really Care If U Want 2 [Shubzin] Gant-Man - Distorted Sensory (Loefah's South Side Remix) [Teklife] Monir - Every Time I See You [MELD] Formally Unknown - The Glow [Harmless Youth] Confidential Recipe ft. DJ Free Download - Ovni [PLAN G] DJs Pareja & Lupe - Nuestra Forma (Beats Version) [Muy Muy] Detroit's Filthiest - Critical Condition [Bass Agenda Recordings] Baithead - Dieldrin [Omertà Records] Silkie - Ring Mod [Deep Medi Musik] Generali Minerali - Secret Location [Mind Controlled Rectifier] Warwick - Ruff [Cheeky Music Group] Porchcrawler - Pistol Shrimp [Fly By Night] Hugo Massien - Skin On Skin [Forthcoming E-BEAMZ] Refreshers - Way U Smile [Self Release] Partiboi69 x KETTAMA - Freq U All Nite [Mutual Pleasure] Fracture ft. Nah Eeto - Shada Shada [1985 Music] CIARKI LINKS: http://CIARKI.COM MIXTRESS LINKS:

2021-01-29 16:00:07

CIARKI 035 TRACKLIST: Jaymie Silk - Jack Johnson [Shall Not Fade] AceMo - Through The Pressure [Self Release] Tom VR - Ikquion Lovers [Forthcoming Intergraded] emkay - 6AM [Al Gharib] Point Guard - Hibiscus [Echocentric Records] Adam Pits - Magenta (Seb Wildblood Remix) [Coastal Haze] Ross From Friends - Burner [Scarlet Tiger] Bicep - Rever (feat. Julia Kent) [Ninja Tune] Bored Lord - Read My Mind [Self Release] Bailey Ibbs - We Run [Dansu Discs] Gridlock - Inhale [Bare Recordings] Bakongo x Spectr - Close Call [Hotflush] Aheloy! - Richard's Dream [Club In Theory] Ben Hauke - Ain't Bad [WOOP Records] Adam Pits - Donk-E [X-Kalay] Kessler - Vrieselaan [Shall Not Fade] Clouds - Cernunnos [The Parallel] Speed Gonzales - caprese w basil [childsplay] Burial - Chemz [Hyperdub] Al Wootton - Philo [ZamZam Sounds] Alex Banks - Awake [YUKU] Slick Shoota - Desire Path [Teklife] Special Request x Tim Reaper - Pull Up [Hooversound] Virgil Abloh - Delicate Limbs feat. serpentwithfeet (Special Request Remix) [Columbia] Kode9 - Rona City Blues [Hyperdub] 8Ball - The Moons [Forthcoming Sneaker Social Club] SOPHIE - BIPP (Autechre Mx) [Numbers] HATTI VATTI (ambient mix) TRACKLIST: Abul Mogard - In Immobile Air [Ecstatic] Michał Wolski - Ray [Self Release] Ana Roxanne - Venus [Kranky] Daniel Szlajnda - Eclipse [U Know Me] Miyako Koda - A Sea of Love (Seahorse Mix) [Grandisc] Tomasz Bednarczyk - Sunny Ambient [Room40] Maciek Polak - Exercise 31 [APEKWOLF RECORDS] Xoki - Akasha §1.7 [Rohs! Records] Kedr Livanskiy - русалка [2MR] The Strait of Anain - Ghosts in the Rain CIARKI LINKS: HATTI VATTI LINKS:

2021-01-15 12:53:49

CIARKI 034 TRACKLIST: Yosh - It's The Way [Time Is Now] Jafu - Jive Drive [Chord Marauders] Dogpatrol - Temperature Is Rising [Forthcoming Sneaker Social Club] Trinity Carbon - Downfall Of The Nemesis [Art-E-Fax] Mr Beatnick - Orion (Throwing Snow Remix) [Mythstery Records] Pluralist - Slightly Blown [Panel Audio] Suwal - It's All In The Game [regime brigade] Matchbox - Tneibma (Axefield Remix) [Who's Susan] Otik - 3rd Party [Self Release] Syz - Metafauna [Pseudonym Records] Real J. - Sweet Anxiety [Waxtefacts] Nikki Nair - Cclluubb [Scuffed Recordings] Henry Greenleaf -Taking First [Forthcoming Par Avion] Moma Ready - Delusions Of Grandeur [Haus Of Altr] An Avrin - Eat Clintswood [Self Release] London Modular Alliance - The Last Ninja [Longhaul] Kellen303 - Pinehearse [Woozy] ETRA - UWM [Nü Kvlture] 5ZYL & 666uba - VLN Blaster [International Chrome] Portara0000 - Tru Luv (Foamek Remix) [Goddezz] Romy - Lifetime (Anz's Togetherness Remix) [Young Turks] Eva808 - Demantar [Innamind Recordings] CIARKI LINKS: CIARKI.COM TOWER BLOCK DREAMS LINKS:

2020-12-31 11:32:46

CIARKI 033 TRACKLIST: Janet Jackson - Go Deep (Palf Bootleg) [Self Release] DJ Maphriosa x Kabza De Small - Mdantso [Sound Africa Rec] Soul Mass Transit System - Don't Hold Back (alright) [Warehouse Rave] Instinct - Don't Know [INSTINCT] DJ Backspin - Weapon '97 (Taste The Darkside VIP) [Relics] Sammy Virji - Basic [Self Release] X-Coast - Deep Inside [Goddezz] KG & Scratchclart - B2L [Self Release] Pa Salieu - My Family (Lua Preta Remix) [Self Release] Yann Polewka - Feel The Energy [Esuoh] M4A4 - Stepgroove [Lobster Publishing] Disclosure x Aminé x slowthai - My High [Island Records] EJECA - Another Love [Kneaded Pains] An Avrin - Séance Nose [Self Release] Foamek - Event Horizon (Machines Don't Care Remix) [Cheap Thrills] Mark Mackenzie - No Excuses [Self Release] Bodyjack - L'enfant Terrible [Fina] 9TRANE - Warming [Southpoint] Mall Grab - Leaving Tokyo [Looking For Trouble] Dense & Pika - Neon [Kneaded Pains] FJAAK - Underdawg [Self Release] Baby T - I Wish [Central Processing Unit] El-B feat. Deesim - Hey Boy [Unreleased] Addison Groove - Freakin' [Groove] Local Group - Baby Talk [Human Concrete Block] Haider - Maracuja [Breaker Breaker] PRO8L3M - Przebój nocy / gościnnie Wanda i Banda (CIARKI's cut-up edit) DC Salas - Tropical Weirdness [River Rapid] DJ Spielberg - Cyber Gunas [No She Doesn't] Dubrunner - Scorpio Season [Scuffed Recordings] Addison Groove - Brand New Drop (Nikki Nair Remix) [GutterFunk] Asquith - Temple Runner [Who's Susan] Issu - Yes [Self Release] Kuldaboli - Milljón Ára [Bunker] Hermeth - Ghetto West Coast [Haŵs] Origin8a & Propa - Turn Me Out (Private Caller Remix) [Hardcore Energy] We Rob Rave - When I Look At You [Self Release] Rhythm Section - Coming On Strong (POLO LILLI Bootleg) [Self Release] Kush Jones - Talk Too Much [Self Release] Coco Bryce - Ma Bae Be Luv [Lobster Theremin] Full Crate x Jarreau Vandal - Wicked (Grapoe Edit) [Self Release] Circa96 - Cave Dweller [Disrupt Records] Clipz feat. Ms Banks, MS Dynamite, Jaykae - Again (Special Request vs Paul Woolford Remix) [RCA Records] Hudson Mohawke - Need U Here [WARP]

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