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CIARKI are back with their latest compilation, SAME KOTY, Vol. 2. It’s been almost a year since the launch of the series, which has included the likes of We Rob Rave, Penera, and Avtomat. It has taken music platforms by storm, bringing to light new gems from the Polish broken and bass scene — and as demonstrated in this release, there’s much more to come. This long-awaited, dancefloor-focused release features seven different Polish artists, many of whom have already established their names with wider audiences. The new compilation moves towards stomping leftfield house and bass techno, with talented duo Private Press and track Kordlooops, and man like naked relaxing and his My Devils. There’s also Gluon, a 2-step track infused with electro, smoothly embraced by Holoe. Habibi Funk is another stomper from house-lover Marcin Krupa, who is bringing reese bass and funk vocals into his production. There’s also a difficult-to-describe but very cool combination of breaks, slow-tempo and soothing vocals, stirred together by Baby Meelo in Can’t Explain. Moving towards faster tempos, enter the supremely talented footwork producer Ruchy, whose track Hella is featured as a single available for pre-order. Finally, experienced producer Tom Encore goes back to his roots with a deep drum and bass roller Body Double.

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CIARKI is a project started by two Poles (Faultlines and Proxy), music nerds living in the Scottish capital. A series of podcasts are at the core of this collaboration, containing special guest mixes recorded by Polish and international artists, where a wide range of bass driven club tools are being showcased. We wish to spread these fresh vibes to our motherland and beyond, by presenting new releases, artists and labels. CIARKI are goosebumps, emotions cumulated in digital sounds that we are broadcasting on this platform.

CIARKI to projekt założony przez dwóch muzycznych zapaleńców, Faultlines + Proxy, którzy chcą się podzielić zbieraniną ciekawych piosenek wychodzących na Wyspach Brytyjskich i nie tylko, z ludźmi którzy są głodni nowych basowych brzmień. Rdzeniem projektu będą regularnie ukazujące się podcasty zawierające dużą dawkę muzycznych świeżynek, gościnnych miksów jak i szczyptę nostalgii w postaci zapomnianych klubowych bangerów.


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